Spring 2018 News 

What's up with Molly's Revenge? While it's true that all three of us are now involved with exciting new musical projects, Molly's Revenge sure ain't going away. We will continue to play at all of our favorite festivals and venues throughout the year, and of course we will present our annual holiday tour in December and St. Patrick's tour in March. Best of all--we have begun the process of planning a new album! 

That said, we do have some upcoming appearances of our OTHER bands to share with you as well, and here's a complete list. You can see all the juicy details on our respective websites. We hope to see you out and about as we burn up the road! --John, David, and Stu of Molly's Revenge

Molly's Revenge 
Details on SHOWS page.

May 25-28: Boulder Creek, CA (Redwood Music Camp) 
June 3: Cambria, CA 
June 8-9: Salt Lake City, UT 
June 18-23: Teen Camp, Watsonville, CA (David and John) 
July 8-13: Fiddle Tunes Camp, Wallowa OR (John and Stu) 
July 27-Aug. 3: Lark Camp, Mendocino CA (John and Stu) 

The Fire (with David Brewer)
Details: thefirescottishband.com 

April 28-29: Woodland, CA 
May 25-28: Boulder Creek, CA  (Redwood Music Camp) 
June 30: Palmer, AK 
July 4: Talkeetna, AK 
July 7: Homer, AK 
July 13-14: Payson, UT 
July 17: Pendleton, OR 
July 21: Portland, OR 
July 22: Corvallis, OR 
July 28-29: Enumclaw, WA 
Aug 1-10: East Coast Tour 
Aug 17-19: Winston, OR 

New World String Project (with John Weed and Stuart Mason)
Details: newworldstringproject.com 

May 5: Los Osos, CA 
May 6: Pacific Grove, CA 
May 7: Aptos, CA 
May 9: Santa Clara, CA 
May 10: San Francisco and Berkeley, CA 
May 11: Chico, CA 
May 12: Carson City, NV 
May 13: San Francisco 
July 20: Lincoln City OR 
July 21: Ridgefield WA 
July 22: Monroe OR 
Aug 12: Eugene, OR 
Aug 18: Anaheim, CA 
Aug 19: Thousand Oaks CA 
Aug 20: Bakersfield, CA 
Aug 22: Monte Vista CA 
Aug 24: San Diego, CA 
Aug 25: Pasadena, CA 
Aug 26: Santa Paula CA

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